1st Workshop on Non-Silicon Computation (NSC-1)

Held in conjunction with

The 8th International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-8)




This one-day workshop will explore the issues involved in creating computing systems built from devices other than silicon-based transistors. The amazing success of computing over the past thirty years is based in large part on advances in the fabrication of CMOS-based integrated circuits, and both engineers and consumers have come to expect and plan for exponential increases in system performance over time. However, a number of physical and economic factors threaten the continued scaling of CMOS devices, motivating research into computing systems based on other technologies.

A number of alternatives to silicon VLSI have been proposed, including techniques based on molecular electronics, quantum mechanics, and biological processes. This workshop will focus on the architectures, compilers, and programming models necessary to exploit novel computing technologies that will replace (or co-exist) with CMOS.


Authors should submit an extended abstract no longer than 2 pages for consideration. One electronic copy of the abstract should be submitted by email to nsc@crhc.uiuc.edu by December 7, 2001. Authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to submit final papers of no more than 8 pages. Notification of acceptance will be given by December 21, 2001, and camera-ready papers will be due by January 18, 2002. All accepted papers will be presented at the workshop and included in a bound proceedings that will be distributed at the workshop. In addition, accepted papers will be made available on the workshop home page.

Final Paper Format

The final versions of accepted papers must be submitted in PDF format, as this is the only format that the publisher will accept. Papers should be at most 8 pages in length with 1" margins and 10- or 11-point font. Text should be formatted for printing on 8.5" x 11" paper, with two columns/page. Papers should be submitted to nsc@crhc.uiuc.edu by January 18, 2002.



HPCA-8 will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts from February 2 to February 6, 2002.

Information related to the conference at the official HPCA-8 web site: http://www.eecg.toronto.edu/hpca8/

HPCA-8 is generously sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and Compaq Corporation.